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June 28 2017

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Georges Rouault (French, 1871-1958).

Nous Sommes Fous [We are mad].

Oil over aquatint, laid down on canvas. Executed in 1948.

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Stanley Kubrick
Sleep, March 1947
Gelatin silver print

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Museum of Broken Relationships, Zagreb, Croatia

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Japanese Sumo robots

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"Do these straight people just like

Not actually comprehend anything happening right in front of them "

That's the point, they had to be gaslit into complete ignorance as to what "gay lifestyle" actually entails in order for them to be able to tolerate this filth.
They allowed the merchant to push the society down this slippery slope and they not actually comprehend anything happening right in front of them - while it is so easy, even fucking Ugandans have it figured out.

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