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August 17 2017

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Smitty Werben Jagger Man Jensen
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I'm glad anti-whites like the above Jew don't realize they are the reason why far right is on the rise. They'll keep pushing with blind hatred for anything white/Christian/European, and while they'll be able to gaslight some naive goyim, normalfags who didn't attend Marxist Apologetics 101 at the (((university))) will realize the only group that advocates for their very physical self-preservation is the far right and everyone else want them annihilated.  But yeah, please do blame it on Trump, stay fucking oblivious.
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Being ravaged by Germans from both ends, with a Russian in the background patiently waiting his turn?
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TBH I think that being called demon or devil is quite awesome. 
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Chimero-Hydro-Gęś... a weź spierdalaj, najpodlejsze plugastwo jakie mógł spłodzić ludzki umysł
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What if they throw glitter at you, how will explain yourself you filthy nazi?
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windows task manager
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August 16 2017

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Saul Leiter     New York City     1954

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